Sunday, 24 March 2013

Benefit Sanctions row escalates

On Friday the Guardian newspaper (which has produced a series of articles about Welfare) published the article below. This details a leaked email confirming the existence of league tables ranking jobcentres activity in referring claimants for benefit to be sanctioned.
Ian Duncan-Smith quickly denied that targets are set for such referrals and his opposite number, Liam Byrne is demanding a parliamentary enquiry. PCS welcomes an enquiry. The union consistently challenges management about the so called Stricter Benefit Regime at every level. Jobcentreplus always deny that there are any targets or league tables for this work.
It is time for the truth.

Jobcentre workers join PCS Budget Day Strike

PCS members at Lewisham and Forest Hill jobcentres were out on strike on Wednesday and will walk out again at 1pm on Friday 05/04/13 in a dispute about pay, conditions and pensions. All workers and benefit claimants are being attacked by the goverment, we have to pay more and get less. PCS members will continue to fight against this. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Stop the Fire Station closures

Around 80 people attended a public meeting on Thursday 14/03/13 to discuss ways to work with the FBU to stop the propose closure  of 12 fire stations across London including New Cross and Downham stations.

A public consultation on the proposals runs to the end of May 2013. Everyone should respond to the consultation via and make sure they state that no fire stations should be closed, no appliances should be decommisioned and definately no job should be cut.

He Slashes, You Burn

Boris Johnson declined our invitation to address the meeting as he was too busy cutting public services. The meeting agreed to ensure people are leafleted and encouraged to attend the consultation meetings being arranged by the London Fire Authority to discuss plans with the public.

Campaign continues

Since Thursday, we have leafleted those attending the Born in Lewisham Hospital Event on Staurday 16/03/13. We are planning further activities including a demonstrtion against the closures. The FBU have arranged  a meeting for Downham Fire Station on Monday 22/04/13. More details to follow.

Please support the campaign and continue to help us fight all cuts